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"I had need of coaching in relation to the management aspects of my work and I found the experience very helpful. More than that, Anne Maree brings to the role a depth of experience and understanding which was immensely helpful. She was able to impart objectivity in difficult situations when judgement can be clouded by emotion. I learned a lot and I think developed a lot in my role then and in subsequent roles in the NHS and in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh."

NHS Surgeon











"Anne Maree's coaching style is thoughtful, challenging and encouraging- the sessions have been thoroughly stimulating and enjoyable and the results very rewarding!  I have since been able to progress several workstreams, engage senior management, and gained the confidence to deliver real improvements for patients. I would highly recommend her coaching to any doctor who wishes to become more effective in their leadership role."

NHS Consultant Doctor

"Anne Maree had a lovely balance between keeping me paced while letting my enthusiasm come through; she had a warm, gentle manner but I always felt that I was working and learning (ideal for me)."  

NHS Senior Nurse Manager

"As a coachee I was a jumbled up mess of feelings and emotions. Dr Wallace listened and without judgment. She encouraged me to address my self limiting beliefs one at a time. This was done with such skill and compassion that I was totally submersed in our coaching conversations. She made me feel as if she had an insight into my work-life and was enabling me to examine my actions and behaviours good and not so good that would impact on my performance as a manger."

Manager within the NHS


The coaching with Anne Maree greatly helped me in my work. Through job changes and maternity leave I was looking to increase my confidence again and work through some challenging situations in the workplace. The conversations we had and plans which developed were invaluable towards me dealing with these issues. Many things which unnecessarily worried me in the past no longer really concern me. The coaching has really helped me to get on well with my work and to have strong working relationships with our team. Client 2015

"Anne Maree has many years experience of management as well as deep theoretical knowledge and understanding. She is empathetic and compassionate but not indulgent and its clear that she loves her work. Therefore you trust her with your confidences, knowing that she will use them to help in a useful way. She was able to demonstrate to me  a different perspective on the situations I found difficult so that I could change the way I reacted to them. Most importantly she helped me to understand and begin to value my own style and strengths and how to develop my work to capitalise on these, while helping me to find techniques to manage the areas of work where I am less strong. I felt liberated with a renewed interest in my work. I am immensely grateful." Client 2015


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