Anne Maree Wallace

Professional Coach and Mentor

"Anne Maree worked with the Columba 1400 senior team over a period of 11 months. Over this time, they moved from not being very aligned  to becoming a high performing team. This led to all the benefits of such a team; happier, more motivated team members; greater clarity of purpose; increased productivity; greater efficiency and all team members respecting and supporting each other. This was a very significant achievement and they are now well placed to address present and future challenges."


"Anne Maree provided a real sense of purpose for us and helped us to clarify our roles and the most effective way of providing genuine support for each other in ensuring the continued success of Columba 1400 and the young people we serve.  She is a truly inspiring coach with a great ability to create alignment and a sense of ambition for the whole team."


Columba 1400 - November 2014

We were delighted to have Anne Maree meet with us as a consultant group. We understood, to a much greater extent than before, about our preferred ways of working and interacting with each other. Perhaps most significantly, we began to explore how me might see ourselves as a team rather than as a collection of individuals. We plan to use our individual profiles as part of our job planning process and to be better informed as to how to match responsibilities and tasks with individual consultants. It has been a most useful exercise.


Consultant Group - May 2015


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